<bgsound src="Shenizkeh audio.wma"> New West End Synagogue - St Petersburgh Place
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The background music to this page is "Shenizkeh", composed by Rabbi Geoffrey Shisler and performed by him at a concert held to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the Synagogue in February 2005. A CD of the concert is available from the Synagogue office.

On the 30th June 2010, BBC London reported on an English Heritage survey on the many places of worship in London which are in need of repair, and Rabbi Shisler was interviewed in the Synagogue for part of the film.

Click here to go to the BBC London website and see the film. Rabbi Shisler and the NWES appear after 1 min 25 secs of the film.

To see a 360º video of the New West End, click here.